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Battle of the Sexes

By LadyHeaven

And You Call Yourself a Lover?!

Landry Spoilers

You've seen me dissect Arden Lowe as a weak man in one of my earlier articles but I need to add at least three more men to my list: Jack Landry, Pierre Dumas, and Beau Andreas. We've all heard the saying it takes two to tango, but these three men lead their women into a dance of disaster and heartache.

First let's take a look at Jack Landry. He spells trouble with a capital T for two reasons: cards and booze. His idea of a romantic evening would be in a zydeco hall soaked in booze and gambling away the grocery money at cards. Why would a sensible woman like Catherine Landry marry such a man? According to her, he had been a good husband in the beginning of their marriage but eventually his spell on Catherine faded and his true nature emerged. After the births of Gisselle and Ruby, Catherine severed her emotional ties to him for good but he still returned to torment her.

Pierre Dumas truly did love Gabrielle Landry but I feel that he was weak because he chose his social status over his love. Had he chosen Gabrielle, life in the bayou would have been difficult but not an unhappy one. And she would have been strong enough to survive Ruby and Gisselle's difficult birth with Pierre at her side.

Beau Andreas is a difficult man to figure out. Just what kind of love did he have for Ruby? I feel that he rushed her into their relationship, especially the physical aspect of it. Once Pearl was born he did the common spoiled rich boy's solution; let Mom and Dad send him away for a while and Ruby raise her daughter alone. He did return but only when it suited him, not Ruby. He's no worse than the other two men I've mentioned, but he isn't any better either.

The lovers in the Landry series are men that sensible women are likely to avoid but Catherine, Ruby, and Gabrielle are desperately needing to be loved, and this is why they are drawn into the silky sweet traps of these weak lovers.

Eternally Andrews, Copyright 1999-2002
Shay Bader-Wallace