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Feature Book

By Cary Logan

Dark Seed

DeBeers Spoilers

The prelude to the new DeBeers series, "Dark Seed," is available only in electronic book (eBook) format.

"Dark Seed" reveals the disturbing early days of Willow De Beers, the "dark seed" of the DeBeers family Her adoptive mother revealed to Willow that she was adopted. Her nanny, Isabel, and her adoptive father sadly cannot deny. Willow kept her chin up and refused to accept her adoptive mother's cruel prediction that she would be like her mother, a mental patient who was raped at the clinic. She will meet a troubled soul in young boy's heart. This boy made himself known that he was adopted and live with beloved parents. This boy will help Willow accept whoever she is and she can conquer her fears that she'll end up like her biological mother.

This prelude to "Willow," chronicling Willow and her family, the De Beers, hints at the dark shadows that can haunt forever.

Eternally Andrews, Copyright 1999-2002
Shay Bader-Wallace