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Feature Character

By Stand-In Writer, Daphne Dumas

Sara Logan

Logan Spoilers

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I bring to you a glimpse into the life of the quite mysterious Sara Logan. What do we really know about her? She married into a prominent family, the Logan's of Provincetown and she gave birth to the three handsome children. But I ask again, what do we really know about her. We are introduced to Sara in the first book of the Logan Series, Melody. She and her husband take in the young Melody Logan and thrust upon her the belongings and sometimes the identity of their lost daughter, Laura Logan. Sara is a meek woman; quiet, and gentle; yet in some ways, quite strong. She would have to be to put up with the tyranny of Jacob, her husband.

As soon as Melody comes into their home, she sets about, subtly making Melody into her daughter, the daughter she lost. I don't think she was really someone who loved to be lorded over and she was sometimes presented in the books. I think maybe it was just her way to let others worry and stress over life. I think she might have been truly happy, taking care of the home and hearth, raising three children even if one had hardships of her own. I admired that of Sara; she never held May's deficiencies against her. She simply went along with it.

I do however believe that the existence of Melody in her home, brought about a difference in her character and her way of dealing with her family. She was not so hesitant to speak her mind when it came to Jacob's rantings. True, she usually dropped her arguments but she made herself known, nonetheless.

Sara had an admiration for many for many of the other women in her life: her daughter, Melody, and even Olivia. But to her credit, she never really tried to be those people. Unlike many of the Andrews mothers, she never felt the need to be someone she was not. Truly, as I write this, I strain for something more to say about her, but through all of my research, I find nothing. She was a simple woman, much more simple than myself, she enjoyed a simple life, and she yearned to make life as simple as possible for those around her. This is Sara Logan.

Eternally Andrews, Copyright 1999-2002
Shay Bader-Wallace