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By Fern Longchamp

A Loss in the World of the Circus

Casteel Spoilers

I am sad to report that recently the lives of Windenbarron Circus owner, Thomas Luke Casteel, and wife, Stacie Casteel, were ended in a horrible car accident outside of Atlanta. It was reported that the couple were driving home from the circus and were involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Luke Casteel was a respected employer and his employees will most assuredly be affected by their sudden loss.

It seemed there was standing room only at Kingsington Cathedral where attendance included not only those who worked at the circus but also family members and friends. A lovely eulogy was given by the minister of the church and later a private burial took place in the church's cemetery.

Little is known of Mrs. Casteel but Mr. Casteel hailed from Winnerow, West Virginia. Surviving family includes Heaven Casteel Stonewall, of Winnerow; Fanny Casteel; Keith and Jane Rawlings, of Baltimore; and Drake Casteel, of Atlanta.

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Shay Bader-Wallace