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Quotable Quotes

By Stand-In Writer, Grandpere Jack

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars Spoilers

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"The truly great actors of my time were those men and women who could empathize and sympathize with the tragic characters they played. If they thought themselves better or above sincere human emotions, they would never have touched so many. One can master the technique, but he or she has to have soul."
(p 386) Falling Stars
Our cast of characters showed that the roles they played in each book took an enormous amount of control over their lives.

"You have to be a wonderful actress or actor to survive in this world, I thought. Controlling your face, your voice, your posture and most of all being able to invent reasons and excuses to answer questions are the real skills of self-defense. To me, especially lately, going out in the world with honesty on your lips was the same as going out naked."
(p 2) Cinnamon
Ever the actress, Cinnamon could probably have shown innocent Honey a thing or two.

"She wanted me to pretend...to pretend she was someone I admired...loved," he said. "She had a fantasy and I had to be part of it for awhile..."
(p 181) Cinnamon
Father to daughter talks are so revealing aren't they, how innocent and put upon he makes himself seem, huh?

"It just seemed to me that words flew all around me as undistinguished as flies with just a few as graceful and important as birds."
(p 10) Ice
Was her act more for herself or to get other to leave her alone?

"And I remembered a little girl, afraid to speak, finding a voice in the music, the same music that helped the sparrow lift itself away to soar in the wind."
(p 186) Ice
Despite her good fortune, Ice still chose to hide in her world of silence.

"Both looked so tall and impressive, larger than life, beyond reality, like two characters who had emerged from the television program we were barely watching."
(p 35) Rose
Why are all cops supermen on television?

"I thought I had turned into pure air and a breeze would come along and simply scatter me everywhere."
(p 36) Rose

"Who's better off? I wondered. People who have no fantasies, no dreams, or those who can't seem to shake them off, who walk about with a hopeful smile and eagerly turn themselves to the sound of any soft voice, any jeweled promise?"
(p 182) Rose

Eternally Andrews, Copyright 1999-2002
Shay Bader-Wallace