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Heavenly Reviews

By Ruby Landry

My Sweet Audrina

Adare Spoilers


My Sweet Audrina is a mind-warping book that keeps you hanging on to the edge of your seat with anticipation of what lies ahead on the next page.

With a heroine that we can't help but feel pity for and struggle along with her in the hopes of the return of her memory, Audrina Adare is a fitting subject to write a full-length novel about.

Include a hero who has both a good and bad side, a femme fatale villain who crushes hearts in a single blow, and a father whose undying, needing love for his daughter transformed him into a man she could only distrust, we have our hands full with this book.

It's twisting and turning storylines and plots keep the reader completely captivated and unable to put the book down.

My Sweet Audrina will grab you by the neck and shake you around until you feel just as puzzled and bewildered as Audrina Adare might have been.


The intricate storylines in My Sweet Audrina are captivating yet at the same time it is capable of baffling readers, making it almost unfeasible to totally grasp in one reading. A very dark piece about a lovely young girl who matures physically however mentally her mind has been warped and twisted, molded by her needy father to suppress the shocking memories of her past. It tends to leave the readers feeling almost incapable of comprehending the novel thoroughly.

Arden, our hero, has a sweet side to him as a youth but we watch him grow into a deceitful adult that we come to abhor. We sit back in disgust and swallow the bitter pill administered to us by Vera, the wicked villain of the story.

The ending is no easier for the reader to comprehend, leaving us screaming at the book for a change or for Audrina to return nevermore.

Eternally Andrews, Copyright 1999-2002
Shay Bader-Wallace