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Theory Corner

By Luke Casteel Sr


Adare Spoilers

No new theory for March 2002

Throughout the book My Sweet Audrina, the reader is led to believe that there are two girls: the older, beautiful sister & the young, less spectacular sister. Until the mostly final revelation that they are, in fact the same girl, we are thinking of them as two separate people: mind, background & stories. But as V.C. Andrews books go, that was far too simple. In the end we learn that Audrina Adare was, for all practical purposes, one single girl. She was always in body, name, features & mind, the same.

What I am getting at is that because this information comes so near the end, we mostly see Audrina as the one ending product. We see a single Audrina who experienced an event that changed her way of thinking. Yet, I think we should actually see Audrina as two. The reason is simple.

Sometimes when a traumatic event happens a person loses some memory, never to get it back. Realize that Audrina never did remember anything sufficient about her rape, only what everyone had told her and flashes from older stories. I think Audrina really did lose the part of her memory that housed the older Audrina, and that makes her two people. Sure she can have the same DNA, but what happens when the mind completely breaks off a former self? We should probably think of both Audrinas as separate people, who shared one event but the first died because of it, and the other went on with her life, to make it worth living in the end.

--Luke Sr.

Eternally Andrews, Copyright 1999-2002
Shay Bader-Wallace